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The very hunter and hunted nature of paintball might seem combative and war-like, but the truth is that the game is actually great to nurture camaraderie among players. That is also why major corporations and companies have successfully been using paintball as a team-building exercise and as a means to boost morale among employees.

At IPG, we want to share that same bonding spirit that is awakened when one is caught in the trenches with a comrade. And we don’t only want to share it with the people who choose to have their paintball experiences with us – we also want to share it with other premium paintball centres throughout Canada!

After bringing the fun and excitement of paintball to the UK, Europe and Australia for years, IPG has decided to branch out and further expand globally. Canada is our most recent project and we also have future plans to expand into the USA, South America and Asia. We have realised that this creates a great opportunity for us to invite those paintball centres already situated in our new home countries to join our network of premium paintball centres.

Why would we like to do this?

This is all about our desire to bring the thrill of the game to as many people as possible. This will create an opportunity for paintball centres located in cities/towns where we don’t have paintball locations, to possibly find new players – completely free of charge! In fact, one might call joining our network a type of free advertising!

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