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Brand New IPG Paintball Centre For Calgary

In an exciting announcement for IPG, our brand new, high level paintball centre is opening within easy reach of the Calgary area. 19 March marks the date for the opening for this paintball adventure style centre situated around 45 mins from the city in Strathmore.


IPG were there to inspect our new site as winter brought closure to construction last year. However, the professional build team assigned to the task of creating 6 amazing game maps, managed to get the playing fields finished in time along with other facilities for players. We were back again a few days ago to see how things were progressing for the scheduled opening and were extremely impressed. The base camp area has been laid out with picnic tables in an almost military feel and provides the players plenty of room to set up and take breaks during the day. There is also a kiosk for refreshments, toilets and seating for the player’s convenience.

Out on the game maps are some awesome field props and structures such as WW2 landing craft and enemy compounds. There are 2 real buses and a police car set up in a Prison Break scenario which looks just fantastic. And it doesn’t end there with the likes of the Graveyard and Fuel Depot and Gold Mine. Plenty for the paintball playing community in the greater Calgary region to enjoy from a clearly highly professional team.

Bookings are well and truly open for the new IPG Strathmore paintball centre so if you have already got tickets simply call us on 1-800-979-5769 and we’ll sort you out for a full day of shooting paint all over your friends, family and the shiny new field props.