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IPG Paintball Centres Open For The 2016 Season

At the risk of sounding too poetic, it’s great to see the winter’s cold, white blanket starting to rapidly recede northwards across much of our great nation. As it does, the outdoor paintball centres are slowly thawing out and soon we’ll all be able to get out there and blast away at all our mates on the best fields in the country.


Two of the first paintball centres scheduled to open very soon are IPG Barrie (Toronto) and IPG Sherwood Park (Edmonton). Players in those areas have been rugged up and begging for a short winter so they can get out and expend some energy. Both of these centres employ some clever cold beating technology in order to get their equipment up and running earlier than other, less well equipped, paintball game operators. Both centres are being prepared for big things this year on the back of highly successful seasons with huge player numbers last year. With a professional team of field maintenance and builders, both IPG Barrie and IPG Sherwood Park provide extremely well thought out game scenarios run by the industry’s most well trained marshals.

IPG Barrie opens first on 26 March followed closely by IPG Sherwood Park on the 2nd of April. If you are lucky enough to be in reach of one of these amazing paintball centres, you can book right away on 1-800-979-5769. We’ll help you sort out an unforgettable day at one of the best paintball centres in the world!