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World’s Biggest Paintball Operator Coming to The Toronto Region

Delta Force Paintball coming to Toronto

Toronto, the most populous city in Canada, and the provincial capital of Ontario is currently in the gun sights of the world’s largest and most professional paintball company. The trigger finger of this highly successful entertainment machine is firmly set, the crosshairs are lined up and the Toronto region is about to benefit from a new ‘player’ in this growing industry.

Delta Force Paintball have enjoyed very encouraging results from the paintball centres they have opened in both British Columbia and Alberta. Players in those regions have expressed considerable delight in the level of service and the quality of experience they have received there. The high standards of equipment, combat attire, energetic charisma and exciting game-play delivered to all customers is underpinned with movie-quality game maps that are specifically designed to meet Delta Force’s high standards of safety.

Safety is paramount when playing paintball with Delta Force. With more than 25 years’ experience, this paintball company marries a safe operating policy with maximum fun output for players starting from ages 10 and above, welcoming all shapes, sizes, genders & abilities. Specially designed and manufactured for their purposes, the Delta Force Paintball combat gear helps to guarantee the perfect safety/excitement ratio.

The new location, an easy drive, away from the congestion of Downtown Toronto, will soon be the location of a new era of paintball for the Ontario people where they will not have to make do with fields full of car tires and rotting hay bales. Here, they will be using their own strategies to infiltrate the giant pyramid, withstand an armoured invasion and survive the evils of a haunted graveyard to name a few possible scenarios.

And exactly when can you expect to be blessed with this adrenaline-packed new addition to the Toronto region? Well, the exact date is a closely held secret for now, but it’s looking like a spring unveiling, complete with twilight games. That should give the paintballers in Ontario ample time to get in and start playing paintball the Delta Force way.